5 Apr

The Neat Thing About Pianos on the Street

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Thinking of a fine piano on a random street, the first thought is that it will probably get stolen. However, when it comes to the work of one organization, there is so much about music and culture that they make it a point to deliver it to the people and especially the kids of the cities and communities. Talented volunteers come from all over and volunteer their time to bring the arts and music to communities bereft of such skills for teaching and nurturing talent.

This is why you will find all sorts of street pianos on the streets and in popular basement spots. This is an effort by the organization to spread more musical joy no matter where anyone is. The pianos are not stolen because the community understands that they are there for all to use. In fact, they are often sprayed with artistic graffiti, again part of the rich color of society as we know it. As kids and seniors bring more of the arts into their lives, it vitalizes and boosts health of mind and body alike.

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There is nothing worth more than bringing laughter and joy into the lives of others. Making people smile with art, togetherness, and community understanding is a fine way to bring all races and beliefs together. This is the way to begin building peace in society. This organization is making waves and moving ahead, changing beliefs that people have about each other and instead introducing peace and positive influence.

Think how boring life would be without the colors of art, music, culture, and more. We would be dull people, constantly bored in a society with no creative outlet. This will probably never happen, but it is getting to the point that many communities do not have any public arts at all, not even programs for the kids.