18 May

It’s Not Science Fiction, Its Alt Theories To Do With How The Universe Operates

theories of the universe

After Einstein’s theory on general relativity became more widely known, the race was on to develop and publish alternative theories on physics.

In many cases, completed work has been peer reviewed. And in some cases even, worldwide recognition has been achieved, culminating in the esteemed Nobel Prize. After Einstein’s work was widely published, and some years later the principle of gravitational expansion was developed and new theories of the universe were put forward.  It explains that gravity is, in actual fact, the opposite of the famous scientist’s general relativity theory.

By the way, this is not science fiction. Its alt theories to do with how the universe operates. And would you believe that a book has been published, telling the world that gravity does not exist. Wow! Who would have thought? Around the time of the book’s publication, the concept of what has come to be termed as the circlon was developed. It is not from a science fiction novel. It is a non-field mechanical particle, developed to explain the photon and the physical shape of matter. Dark matter? Not at all. Just a few years later another work was published.

This one detailed the periodic table of the circlon elements. No, it is not science fiction. It is a wall chart detailing circlon theory. It contains diagrams that show the placement of protons and neutrons within the nuclear structure. The nuclear structure is known to have over one hundred elements.  It’s not science fiction, and it’s definitely not a TV show. In the eighties the understanding of non-field mechanical theories of matter, space, time, energy and gravity were applied to the Big Bang Theory. What would Sheldon make of this?

In his day, what would Einstein have made of this?