18 May

$400 or More for a Broadway Ticket

Going to see a Broadway show right now is something of an investment. Tickets for sell-out shows can often cost even more than that, so the idea that you have paid the ticket money, gotten yourself into Manhattan, paid for dinner and maybe a hotel room only to hate the show? Well let’s be honest it sucks.

Broadway play reviews

What can you do?

Well the first thing you can do is check out the Broadway play reviews. In the past, the only place to find a review was in the local newspaper. But now there are so many more options. In fact, there are so many that finding a reputable reviewer you can trust is almost a job by itself.

Reviews, reviews and more reviews

Newspaper still pay play and theatre critics. But they are increasingly interested in that magic algorithm the click-through, so perhaps they are not as independent as you would like.

Then there are sites for Joe Watcher to put his or her thoughts down. But her tastes might not coincide with yours, so that might not be trustworthy either.

Crowd sourced reviews

There are other sites which curate the best of the newspapers with those of Joe and then average them out – hopefully, what they are giving you is a balanced view and with that, you can make your own mind up.

The True Independents

Remember back when the Huffington Post was edgy and took a stand before it got bought? Well guess what? There are independent sites out there that are beholden to none and love their craft.

What you’re going to get is the vision of that reviewer, but that can be helpful. Find some who thinks like you do or thinks the opposite. Now there’s a review you can use.